Kattah Doreen

Doreen Kattah is the founder and General Overseer of the Fruit Prayer  Network and Bed Of Roses, a Live radio programme airing every weekend in the UK. Doreen Kattah is an annointed prophetic minister, author and counsellor. 

Her passion is to mentor women to know and achieve their purpose in life and in marriage through practical advice and biblical teachings.She is the head of voice of Esther, a group of prayerful women coming together from denominations of the body of Christ.

The Secrets of romance

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Love quotes: oxygen for life

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Customer Review

“Amazing 😍
When we over spiritualized Romance and thinks Romance is a sin, not from God. After arguing baselessly, I have now learn that romance is godly and God wants us to enjoy our relationship or marriage. thumbs up to this book.

Thank you so much Author

Copeland  J.


Rose (UK)

“I fully enjoyed this book. I’m not married but have learnt so much from this book SECRET OF ROMANCE, that will help me when I get married. This has been an eye opener to me. ✨👌 great help

Gytha woods (UK)

“Stunning and intense
This book is amazing, couldn’t stop reading ,I was hooked from the beginning, recommended to everyone with a heart full of love. Love is a amazing thing.”

Nathalie (France)

“Life changing, the spice for marriage.
Exactly that, this book gave me such deep wake up call and so much information and nourishing voice for my marriage .Thank you”

Sylvester (Australia)


“This is an excellent book that I would recommend to couples as a man! After many years of failures, this book has provided me further insights on Romance, and what I don’t know.”